Associated Enterprise: Scope of Section 92A (2) of Income Tax Act finally settled
Posted on March 24,2020

In a global economy, where multinational enterprises (MNEs) play a prominent role, the Governments strive to ensure profits of MNEs are not shifted out artificially of their jurisdiction. On the other hand, taxpayers aim to limit its risks of economic double taxation that may result from a dispute between two countries on the determination of the arm’s length remuneration/price for their cross-border transactions with associated enterprises. 

Indian Transfer Pricing provisions stipulating arm's length principle are applicable when two or more Associated Enterprises ('AEs') enter into an international transaction.

The term "associated enterprise" is defined in section 92A under the provisions of Income-tax Act 1961 ( "the Act"). When transfer pricing regulations were first introduced in India in 2001, an elaborate definition was adopted, which consisted of two parts - the first lays down the general principle while the second refers to certain specific situations that would create the relationship of associated enterprise. 

However, the wording of sub-section (2) of Section 92A has raised clamour as to whether the second part limits or expands the scope defined in the first part? 

Let us see how the section is worded.

Section 92A(1) reads as follows:

"For the purposes of this section and sections 92, 92B, 92C, 92D, 92E and 92F, 'associated enterprise', in relation to another enterprise, means an enterprise -



  which participates, directly or indirectly, or through one or more intermediaries, in the management or control or capital of the other enterprise; or 




  in respect of which one or more persons who participate, directly or indirectly, or through one or more intermediaries, in its management or control or capital, are the same persons who participate, directly or indirectly, or through one or more intermediaries, in the management or control or capital of the other enterprise." 


 For the sake of brevity, the relevant extract of Section 92A(2) is reproduced hereunder:

"(2) For the purposes of sub-section (1), two enterprises shall be deemed to be associated enterprises if, at any time during the previous year,-



  one enterprise holds, directly or indirectly, shares carrying not less than twenty-six per cent of the voting power in each of such enterprise; or










 There are in all thirteen situations enumerated in the sub-section.

The expression 'associated enterprises' refers to an enterprises "which participates, directly or indirectly, or through one or more intermediaries, in the management or control or capital of the other enterprise". 


In other words, the test is that if any of the three elements viz (i) management (ii) control or (iii) capital has a bearing on another enterprise, the other enterprise may constitute AE of the first-mentioned enterprise.

Succinctly stated, the language of sub-section is extensive, and even slight or negligible participation in any of the three elements mentioned above may make the other entity as an associated enterprise.

The legislature had not desired such an expansive scope. In this light, sub-section (2) must be read. This view gets further fortified by the fact that while the transfer pricing provisions were brought on the statute with effect from 1st April 2001, there was an amendment in Section 92A(2) in the very next year which specifically provided that “for the purpose of sub section (1)” , two enterprises shall be deemed to be associated enterprises if, at any time during the previous year satisfy the conditions laid down in Section 92A(2). It is thus pointed out that by way of this amendment, the scope of Section 92A(1) was specifically restricted. Further, the CBDT issued a circular No. 8 dated 27th August 2008), whereby it was explained two enterprises shall be deemed to be associated enterprises if, at any time during the previous year st 2002 which, in paragraph 50.3, states that “the existing provisions contained in section 92A of the Income Tax Act, provide as to when the two enterprises will be deemed to be associated enterprises” and then adds that “the Finance Act, 2002, has amended subsection (2) of section 92A to clarify that where any of the criterion specified in subsection (2) is fulfilled, two enterprises shall be deemed to be associated enterprises”.

It engenders the question of whether both the sub-sections are interconnected, as the spinal segments do, or they have the scope of independent operation?

The issue came first time before the Mumbai bench of Income Tax Appellate Tribunal in the case of Diageo India Pvt Ltd Vs DCIT [(2011) 47 SOT 252]. The Tribunal, in this case, held that section 92A(1)(a) and (b) is, what can be termed as, basic rule. In plain terms, the basic rule is that when one enterprise participates in the control or management or capital of the other enterprise (directly or indirectly or through one or more intermediaries) or when persons participating (directly or indirectly or through one or more intermediaries) in control or management or capital of two or more enterprises are the same, the enterprises are said to be associated enterprise. Section 92A(2) gives practical illustrations of participation in management, control, or capital. The Tribunal was of the view that sub-section (1) and (2) are independent of one another, and the satisfaction of one would be sufficient to make one enterprise AE of the other. The thrust of the rulings is that the relationship of AE should be examined based on sub-section (1). If the situation is covered by any of the thirteen clauses of sub-section (2) then the relationship would be affirmed. These two probes should be carried out independently.

The interpretation in Diageo decision (supra) created issues as to how to identify thresholds for participation in management, control or capital in subsection (1) and it led to uncertainty. It was said to be not following the intent of the amendment introduced in 2002.

Recently, the Diageo decision (supra) has been rendered per incurium as it ignored the amendment introduced in 2002 in the case of Kaybee Pvt Ltd v. ITO (ITA No 2165/Mum/15) by the Mumbai Bench of ITAT. In this case, the taxpayer vehemently argued that "in order to hold the two enterprises as AEs, the condition prescribed under sub-section (2) of section 92A are to be satisfied. Further, that "an enterprise can be an AE of the other as per the terms of section 92A(1) only when any of the conditions prescribed under clause (a) to (m) of sub-section (2) of section 92A are also satisfied. To support this, the taxpayer copiously referred to the Memorandum of Explanation of Finance Bill, 2002, which reads as below:

'The existing provisions contained in section 92A of the Income-tax Act to provide as to when two enterprises shall be deemed to be associated enterprises.

It is proposed to amend sub-section (2) of the said section to clarify that the mere fact of participation by one enterprise in the management or control or capital of the other enterprise, or the participation of one or more persons in the management or control or capital of both the enterprises shall not make them associated enterprises, unless the criteria specified in sub-section (2) are fulfilled.'

Hence, this interpretation has to be subject to the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 92A, meaning that the management, control or capital should be to the extent as laid down in this sub-section.

It was held that that Section 92A(1) cannot be applied on a standalone basis, and has to be essentially considered in conjunction of Section 92A(2) – only when it satisfies at least one of the conditions set out therein, it is clear that the relationship between the assessee company.

While arriving on this conclusion, the Tribunal also relied on the decision of Gujarat High Court in the case of PCIT v Veer Gems [(2017) 83 271] against which the hon’ble Supreme Court dismissed SLP in PCIT v Veer Gems [(2018) 95 16]. Thus, the issue is now conclusively settled that both the sub-sections are not independent of each other instead, the relationship mentioned in sub-section (1) shall be further refined as per sub-section (2).

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Hello good day But that's not because the federal agency lacks the authority, Carome said. Oversight of the specialty pharmacies has traditionally fallen to states, but when the companies take on large-scale manufacturing, the FDA should, and needs to, step in, according to Public Citizen and other critics.
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The United States zyrtec dosage child Belfast Newsletter provides news, events and sport features from the Belfast area. For the best up to date information relating to Belfast and the surrounding areas visit us at Belfast Newsletter regularly or bookmark this page.
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I wanted to live abroad trazodone dosage 25 mg â??Steve brings with him a wealth of experience and a strong passion for tackling health inequalities. His commitment to driving up quality of healthcare - with success measured by genuinely better outcomes rather than boxes ticked - is a welcome sign that the CQCâ??s inspection and regulation regime will focus on things which really make a difference to health services and service users.
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Posted by New York (Guest) ,   11/15/2020 10:42:21 PM
Children with disabilities bactrim dose for uti prophylaxis The Daily Mail and The Independent implied in their first few paragraphs that all ACE inhibitors might slow the rate of mental decline. This is incorrect as the study only looked at a type called centrally acting ACE inhibitors (CACE-Is). CACE-Is cross the bloodâ??brain barrier so they have a potential effect on blood flow and blood pressure inside the brain.
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In a meeting esomeprazole arrow 20 mg prix Loss-making Loewe, which is 28 percent-owned by Japan'sSharp, on Tuesday filed for protection from creditorsat a German court, under a law that gives firms up to threemonths of breathing room to try to fix their finances to staveoff insolvency. (Reporting by Joern Poltz; Writing by Maria Sheahan)
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How do you spell that? caverta 100 mg side effects Although many of the websites that Dr. Yen's team fact-checked did have incorrect, missing, or outdated information, she does point out a few winners, aimed at adolescents, that portrayed accurate, easy-to-understand information. For more information about sexual health myths and factsâ??for yourself or for a curious teenager in your lifeâ??visit the following resources.
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What do you like doing in your spare time? Put all the ice cream ingredients into a liquidiser or food processor and blend to a smooth and airy cream. Line a pudding basin with cling film and then pour the raspberry cream into it. Freeze for half an hour, stir (being careful not to disturb the cling-film lining) then freeze for another half-hour. Stir again then bring the cling film over the top and freeze until solid. You can use an ice cream maker if you want.
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Please wait Meanwhile, Toshiba's 4K TVs, which will begin shipping to North America in August, will cost $4,999 (£3,270) for the 58-inch version, $6,999 (£4,560) for the 65-inch and $16,999 (£11,145) for the high-end 84-inch.
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One moment, please coversyl and viagra He got no argument. As Leyland had explained earlier, the idea to keep all his players in the dugout so Mariano Rivera could have his own moment on the mound at the start of the eighth inning was his â??with an assist from his coach, Gene Lamont, who had reminded him: â??You donâ??t want them going out there, do you?â? just as Neil Diamond was finishing up â??Sweet Caroline.â?
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On another call side effects of going off prilosec Erno Goldfinger’s architecture eschewed the humane architectural tradition of the West with its cultural continuities. The resulting New Brutalism, and its impact on public authority housing in particular, has been calamitous – a major contributor to the moral and social anomie which has blighted so many inner-city communities since the Sixties. Those architect disciples of Goldfinger should hang their heads in shame for contributing to this disaster.
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International directory enquiries animal pak t shirt india â??While there are a number of good initiatives, government has side-lined councils and incentivised a series of services like schools, colleges and third sector providers to work in isolation of each other, with no clarity on who is responsible for leading the offer to young people on the ground.â?
Posted by New York (Guest) ,   11/15/2020 10:33:28 PM
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I live here "If David Cameron was sitting here now I would want to know why he hasn't done something about this six, 12 - two years ago. Modern technology has gone on but the laws have stuck the same."
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Hello good day real pfiefer viagra We moderate comments. Our goal is to provide substantive commentary for a general readership. By screening submissions, we provide a space where readers can share intelligent and informed commentary that enhances the quality of our news and information.
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